Job Seekers Employment Strategies

The Master’s Training Center Employment series will take you and your job search to a brand new level, building great confidence along the way. Understanding Employer Psychology will help each job seeker make a better presentation!
Be sure to check the calendar for class dates or give us a call. Sessions are 9:30-11:30. Pre-registration required. Papa’s Pantry food clients are free. People not involved in food assistance are certainly invited and encouraged to attend. $20.00 per session or please let us know if you need a scholarship.
Our rotating schedule allows job seekers to jump right in. Be sure to bring 3-5 new printed job postings (that you have not yet applied) to each session. is a great online job search tool.

Tuesday Core Concepts

• Job Search Methods and Organization, Case Study
• Memorable First Impressions, Professionalism
• Pre-Interview Checklist, Interview Do’s & Don’ts
• Mastering the Tough Interview Questions

Wednesday Career Foundations

• Customizing Resumes to get Noticed
• Time Management and Life Balance

Classes and workshops are subject to change.
Call our office to pre-register: 770-591-4730