Employment Training

Master’s Training Center: Employment

The Master’s Training Center Employment series will transform your job search from frustrating to successful, building confidence along the way. Timely content and professional coaching!

3-day “Core Concepts” Workshop, 10am-1pm each day:

Part 1: Employer Psychology- Understand how employers think and make decisions when hiring!

Part 2: Write a Resume that gets noticed!

Part 3: Interview skills- how to answer those tough questions!

Some Saturday classes available OR We can come to your organization.

Pre-registration required. Check out the CALENDAR tab above or Call 770-591-9588.    A new class starts every other week. Small group setting, so space is limited. Let us help you not only hunt for that job, but land it!

$75 ($25 per session). Scholarships Available.  Don’t let someone else get the job you want!

Note: After completion of Core Concepts, advanced topics are offered: Cover Letters, LinkedIn, Professionalism, Time Management, Now You’ve Got The Job- Keep It!


Master’s Training Center: Budgeting

Master Your Money, Don’t Let it Master You!

There is no more of an unwelcome word than that of “budget.” However, this one financial discipline will not only help you pay bills on time, but can make you wealthy! Let us help you manage your money with an easy process to structure spending and build an emergency savings fund!  It’s not too good to be true….You can do this!  Are you ready to transform your life?

These are one-on-one sessions rather than group classes. Must have an income, checking account and online banking access. Weekday, Evening and Saturday appointments available. $10 per session, however, the first Budget Assessment is free. No cost during times of financial hardship.

Please call 770-591-9588 to schedule a Budget Assessment

Community Bible Studies

Master’s Training Center: Community Bible Studies

Do you want to dig deeper in your study of the bible? Join us to begin the journey! The bible’s history, customs, culture and people will come alive!

Two Weekly Studies Available:
Wednesdays 1:00- 3:30 The Book of Matthew

Thursdays 1:30-3:30 The Chronological Life of Jesus

Bible studies are free. Join any time. Please let us know that you will be coming so we will have materials prepared for you! 770-591-9588

Advanced Grocery Strategies

Master’s Training Center: Advanced Grocery Strategies and Couponing

Grocery store strategies and tips to save “real dough!” No more clipping coupons the old fashion way. Learn what stores will double coupons and how to best manage digital coupons on your computer, phone or tablet! The money you save will be like earning more income!

Come learn from the BEST, Susan Call, The Coupon Tutor.

Upcoming classes:

TBD 2018

$10 per person. Please call 770-591-9588 to register!


Kids Kamp

Master’s Training Center: Kids Kamp

Kids Kamp (K-5th Grade) and Journey Kids (6-9th Grade)

Come join with your kids in learning ways to GROW a GARDEN, EXERCISE and EAT to create a healthier family!

February 20-22 and April 3-5, 2018

Topics include:

Tuesday: Organic Gardening- Hands On Experience! (Plan to get dirty!)

Wednesday: Healthy Snacks- Prepare and Eat your own creations!

Thursday: Get Moving!  Come dressed to break a sweat!

Fun for both parents and kids! At least one parent/grandparent must attend with their children.